Walther PDP

The PDP is the first handgun by Walther to use a PDW-style trigger mechanism. This removes the familiar trigger safety found on most pistols and replaces it with a lever-actuated disconnector which allows the user to manipulate the trigger without putting his/her finger in front of it, but only when he/she desires to fire the weapon. The trigger system is completely passive until you wish to fire, removing any need for safeties such as thumb safeties and grip safeties that slow down combat shooting times by requiring two hands’ worth of motions to clear them before firing can be done again. 

Faster Drills

Initial reviews are stating that because of this new design, one-handed weapons manipulation drills may become easier and faster than ever thought possible before. 

Great Frame

The PDP’s frame is very similar to that of a Commander size 1911 pistol or a Glock 19 minus the rail system with interchangeable back straps which allow shooters to alter both their comfort level and palm swell while maintaining one-handed manipulation dexterity. The feed lips are anchored into grooves at each side of the grip allowing them to withstand the stresses of any 9mm cartridge’s feeding pressure without having to be made out of solid steel. The barrel is a 4-Inch cold hammer-forged stainless steel slide. 


It comes standard with 3 interchangeable backstraps (small, medium, and large) and 6 interchangeable side panels (left, right, left Ambi safety off/on, right Ambi safety off/on). This allows shooters to adjust their grip size on par with that of most full-size handguns currently available. First shot accuracy testing has shown minimal recoil movement even when firing full-power +P ammunition reliably within their engagement distances. In short: It’s accurate, comfortable, and reliable.


The PDP features a Picatinny rail system standard on its dust cover with an optional Crimson Trace laser available for purchase along with several magazines of varying capacity (9, 10, or 12 rounds) including a flush-fitting single stack magazine holding 7 rounds in .380 ACP caliber, a double-stack 8 round magazine for the 9mm variant of the PDP and a staggered column magazine holding 6+1 rounds for the .40 calibre. 

Other accessories include: Magwell grips, tactical reloading handles with flared bases to allow easier reloads under stress, tactical light rails, and barrel threaded to allow the use of suppressors. 

Ambidextrous Safety

The PDP also features an ambidextrous manual safety, a passive trigger safety lever for right or left-handed shooters (which allows one-handed manipulation), and is loaded with target precision adjustable three-dot sights. Field stripping of the firearm is very simple; it requires no tools other than your hands, allowing you to clear malfunctions and clean it in the field without needing anything else but spare magazines for this gun. This will prove very useful when operating in a tight area where nothing can be done without someone noticing. The only thing that makes this weapon stand out from any other combat handgun on the market currently are its features, necessarily aimed at military and law enforcement use. 

According to reviews, it is very reliable in slow fire and short burst firing. It would also be good for home defense because of its comfort level when fired from awkward positions (side-lying). If you are looking for a carry gun or a self-defense weapon, this handgun is a good recommendation.

Author: Joey Webster

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