Springfield Hellcat RDP

The new Hellcat RDP (Rapid Defense Package) is a 9mm hammered polymer frame miniature compact handgun, known as the highest capacity mini 9mm handgun on the market. Its standard magazine capacity is 11 rounds, including an extended magazine that can hold 13 rounds. RDP’s new features that differ from last year’s Hellcat include Springfield’s HEX Wasp red dot optical system, 1/2 inch x 28 threaded barrel, proprietary custom compensator for better recoil management, and smart manual safety. 

Out of the box, Hellcat RDP also includes a muzzle thread protector, an optical sight tool, a serrated top plate (if you want to remove the optics), and a flush magazine bottom plate, which you can install to replace the extender. This pistol has a disassembly lever and disassembly procedure similar to the XD and XDM series, so there is no challenge for those familiar with them. 


Hellcat’s texture and grip position have been well thought out. The texture of the polymer frame may be problematic, and when your hands sweat, it seems that many factory guns will become slippery like a bar of soap. Hellcat’s grip feels similar to skateboard tape, but it contains two levels of texture. It is designed so that the clothes can slide over the top layer without sagging, but when you tighten your grip, your skin will come into contact with a shorter, sharper layer. It works well and doesn’t feel uncomfortable or overly abrasive. The slightly concave and textured point of the frame is just before the rod is removed. This allows the shooter to apply downward pressure with the thumb of the assisting hand to help control recoil and is rarely included on factory pistols. 


Compared to the standard Hellcat, the 3.8-inch threaded barrel increases the length of the entire package, especially the compensator, but provides versatility and auxiliary recoil control. The bottom of the barrel is threaded and slotted, with a specially designed compensator, it is easy to install and disassemble. It can be perfectly indexed at all times, no washers or other tools are required. Simply depress the spring-loaded lever at the bottom of the compensator while turning it until it exceeds that notch, and the compensator can be unscrewed from the barrel. Although the compensator itself reduces muzzle movement and the “springiness” of the pistol, the extent to which the shooter can feel depends on the user and the ammunition. 

The pistol combination always seems to work better when using hotter loads and lighter bullets, because the expanding gas constitutes more recoil compared to firing heavier bullets. Although the Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP is an EDC-type platform, the threaded barrel allows the user to connect the suppressor. 


The RDP targeting system adds a lot of value to Hellcat. Hex Wasp is a small and low-key red dot designed for miniature pistols. Unlike the other red dots, the Wasp is placed low enough on the slide to comfortably use Hellcat’s standard height sight. These metal sights consist of a highly visible “U”-shaped rear and a front pillar with tritium inserts. The Wasp itself has a lifetime warranty and has a sturdy build. There is enough glass embedded in the protective frame that the sight can be used to load a pistol. 

The optics are always on, and under normal conditions, the battery should be able to operate for approximately 65,000 hours (approximately 7.5 years). The sensor adjusts the brightness of the MOA dot to automatically dim in low light conditions and brighter in brighter conditions. 


For a micro-compact pistol, the Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP is very easy to manage, easy to carry, and use at close range. It is also accurate enough at longer distances. It is equipped with 11- and 13-round magazines, has a rail for mounting the lights, and can even carry a silencer, making the packaging attractive and flexible. 

Thanks to its good ergonomics, easy-to-carry design, and reliable cyclic empty ejection, the Hellcat is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a miniature 9mm EDC pistol.

Author: Joey Webster

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