Manurhin Revolvers (Beretta)

In large metropolitan cities of the US, Manurhin revolvers are becoming more and more popular among law enforcement agencies. These Manurhin revolvers cost less than alternatives manufactured by Smith & Wesson and Colt, for example. The Manurhin revolver is just one of the products manufactured by Manurhin S.A., a French-based company specializing in small arms manufacturing. Manurhin has been producing a variety of products including pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, and revolvers since 1965.


Manurhin (French: Manufacture d’Armes de Manurhin), located in Saint-Étienne ( France ), was founded in 1964 to manufacture hunting revolvers under the trade name ‘Beretta’. Manurhin came into being as a private company, Manurhin S.A., in 1981 when the owner of Manurhin licensed his brand name ‘Beretta’ to Manurhin S.A. Manurhin S.A.’s first factory was set up at Saint-Étienne and production continued in France for about 20 years until 1996 when Manurhin’s plant in Italy was built and began operating.

Sport Pistol

Manurhin revolvers are part of Manurhin’s ‘Sport Pistol’ line of products including sport pistols, hunting pistols, fighting pistols, military/police pistols and revolver chambered for .38 Special cartridge; a total of seven calibers. Manurhin revolvers are used by French police and other law enforcement agencies. Manurhin revolvers are capable of firing .38 Special, .357 Magnum, and 9 mm ammunition; Manurhin’s Sport 8 model is a double-action revolver that can be used in the following calibers: .357 Magnum, 9 mm Parabellum and 7.65mm caliber Luger (SIG SAUER). Manurhin S.A.’s revolvers also incorporate the ‘Quick Defence’ declutching mechanism to make them easier to use than traditional revolvers.


Manurhin revolvers feature stainless steel cylinder with 5 or 6 chambers, depending on the model number, 4-inch barrel length, and capacity of 5 rounds for models Manurhin 014T, Manurhin 028, Manurhin 023, and Manurhin 09T; 5 rounds are standard capacity for Manurhin Sport 8 models. Some Manurhin revolvers have fixed sights while others feature adjustable sights. Manurhin offers its revolvers in several different finishes: matte stainless steel, black PVD coating, and satin nickel finish; Manurhin’s ‘Sport 8’ model has a satin nickel finish with checkered wood grips. Manurhins are hammer-fired double-action revolvers fitted with manual safety levers located on either side of the frame above the cylinder release lever (ejection port).


Manurhins offer accuracy up to 25 meters at a 50% hit rate according to French police standards as reported by arm curator “Inspection Générale des Services” of French Ministry for Internal Security and Manurhin. Manurhins were not designed to be used for concealed carry by law enforcement professionals; Manurhin revolvers need to be reloaded after every shot as the cylinder does not have a “moon clip”. Manurhin’s Sport 8 model should only be fired with .38 Special ammunition or it will damage the revolver’s frame due to high pressure created when firing 9 mm or 7.65mm caliber ammunition.

Manurhin revolvers are available in four models: 

  • Manurhin 014T, 
  • Manurhin 028, 
  • Manurhin 023, 
  • and Manurhin 09T (Sport 8 model). 

All of these models of Manurhin revolvers feature 5 rounds of .38 Special, Manurhin Sport 8 model is capable of firing either .357 Magnum and 9 mm cartridges. Manurhin Sport 8 is a medium-size double-action revolver with fixed sights and 6 rounds capacity. Manurhin 023 has an adjustable rear sight and offers 5 rounds of .357 Magnum cartridge or 5 rounds of .38 Special; Manurhins 014T (5 round cylinder) and Manurhins 028 feature fixed sights.


Manurhin produces revolvers with a frame made out of aluminum alloy called ‘Advantage’. Frame made out of lightweight aluminum alloy Advantage material allows for easy handling when shooting Manurhin found in the Sports 8 Manurhin revolvers. Manurhin S.A. also manufactures stainless steel and titanium alloy framed Manurhins for competition shooting or other situations where extra lightness and resistance to wear is required; Manurhin models Manurhin Sport 11, Manurhin Sport 12, and Manurhin Titan are examples of such models. 


All models made by Manurhin have 5 rounds capacity for .38 special except the Manurhin sport 8 model which has 6 rounds capacity for .38 special 1 round of 9mm Parabellum and 7 rounds of 357 magnum ammo.

Manurhin guns operate with a double/single-action trigger mechanism that allows law enforcement professionals to use them in single-action mode if they wish.

Author: Joey Webster

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