Ruger Max-9

Compact Pistols

Gone are the days when the steel-framed M1911A1 full-size pistol was considered the “ideal” for carrying a pistol. Today, common people interested in personal protection are interested in something smaller, lighter, and capable of holding more ink cartridges. They want a gun that they can carry around all day without realizing it. At the same time, most people are looking for an improved version of the 0.380 ACP pocket pistol. They want more than a single stack of chargers. 

The Ruger Max-9

Ruger MAX9 meets these needs. It belongs to the Glock 43 and SIG P365 series in size, which means it is compact and easy to carry/hide. The width of the slide is only 0.95 inches, so it is very narrow. It is equipped with a 3.2-inch barrel with an overall length of 6 inches and a height of just 4.5 inches. It weighs only 18.4 ounces. The overall length is only slightly shorter than the Glock 43 and slightly longer than the SIG P365. One obvious difference between Ruger Max-9 and SIG P365 is that Ruger’s grip occupies more of the hand. Some people feel that the grip of SIG P365 is a bit too small-this is not a problem for Ruger.

Magazine Capacity

The failure of the Glock 43 lies in its 6-round single-stack magazine. Today, people demand more compact 9mm pistols than a typical revolver can provide. Ruger responded by providing the Max-9 with a 10-round magazine and a slightly longer 12-round magazine. The 12-round magazine allows me to wrap my little finger without hanging in space. This provides a capacity of 12 + 1 rounds of 9mm Luger. You can carry a Ruger Max-9 with a 12-round magazine on the pistol and a spare 12-round rifle. Thirteen rounds of 9mm bullets should allow you to solve any problems that can be solved with a pistol. If Murphy raises his ugly head, replacing the magazine can allow you to fix the fault immediately.

Red Dot Sights

Let’s face it, modern shooters aim for red dot range, even when carrying a pistol. At least they want that option. Ruger’s Max-9 is the red dot right out of the box. This is a good option, especially for older shooters who can’t see the front sight like they used to. Let’s face it, sooner or later everyone will have to deal with this age-related issue. Max-9 is equipped with an easy-to-detach board that allows you to quickly install the red dot sight. Even better, it retains the iron sight with red dots, so you can get the best of both worlds. Various compact red dot sights can be installed so that the size of the pistol becomes very small. In general, this is a great feature that many people need.

Safety First

Some people prefer manual safety, while others don’t. Ruger provides two options for their new pistol. Ruger’s Max-9 has a built-in trigger lock, internal striker lock, and inspection port for visual inspection of camera PLUS manual security. Many people will like the option of manual safety. For those who think manual safety is a thing of the past, Ruger also offers the Max-9 without manual safety. So, you can do it your own way.

Author: Joey Webster

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