Norway Bow-And-Arrow Attack Sparks Gun Control Debate

Folks are debating gun control on social media this week in the wake of a mass killing in Kongsberg, Norway that left four women and one man dead.

The suspect used a bow and arrows to perpetrate the attack, giving credence to the pro-2A argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  

In that vein, congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) posted the following on Twitter: 

Many people critical of America’s right to keep and bear arms fired back in response, arguing that if the attacker had a firearm, the carnage might have been worse. Some pointed to mass killings in America as examples:

No sense in debating counterfactuals, that is what might have happened if so and so had this or so and so had that. The hard truth is that stopping evil in real-time is not easy.  But it’s damn near impossible if a society is completely disarmed. 

This is true not only for individual acts of violence but especially true for coordinated and systematic attacks on a disfavored citizenry. When genocidal regimes come to power, for example, the havoc they wreak on the unarmed masses is nothing short of a humanitarian crisis.

As law professor David Kopel noted in a recent article in

The group did a good job of documenting how easy it was for the Islamist government in Sudan to use disarmement to perpetrate genocide against the African Darfuri tribes. Much of the killing was carried out by Arab gangs, the Janjaweed, who were armed by the Sudanese government. As AI reported, the majority of the Janjaweed had five or six guns per person. AI quoted a Darfuri villager: “none of us had arms and we were not able to resist the attack.” In the words of another villager, “I tried to take my spear to protect my family, but they threatened me with a gun, so I stopped. The six Arabs then raped my daughter in front of me, my wife and my other children.” Amnesty International, Sudan: Arming the Perpetrators of Grave Abuses in Darfur, Nov. 16, 2004.

Societies are stable and peaceful until suddenly they’re not. It’s precisely at that point that most realize that it’s better to live in a society that fully embraces gun rights and defensive carry than one that overtly infringes on one’s natural right to self-defense.

Hopefully, the people of Norway never have to find that out firsthand. But history has a funny way of repeating itself for those who refuse to learn from it.

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S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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