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Uncle Fudd's Space Cowboy Revolver

Welcome to another Wheelgun Wednesday at TFB, where every topic regarding revolvers is on the table. In today’s edition, we’ll take a look at a fun build by Redditor and Blogger, Uncle Fudd, of UncleFudd.com. His Space Cowboy Revolver starts off by using a Ruger GP100, a section of a rifle handguard, Picatinny rail and some optics to create a pretty futuristic-looking revolver.

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Uncle Fudd's Space Cowboy Revolver


Uncle Fudd seems to have a good sense of humor and made no pretense that he was building his Space Cowboy Revolver in any serious, super practical sense. Despite his playful attitude towards upgrading his GP100, the end result seems to show he’s willing to put forth the effort to do it right. Aside from his GP100, Uncle Fudd acquired a handguard section from a KRISS Vector, which he then had to modify to work with the Ruger’s swing-out cylinder. He also had to remove the Picatinny rail from the handguard, since the full-length rail on top would hold the handguard in place. The following quote is from one of Uncle Fudd’s posts on his blog.

There are some aftermarket optic rails for revolvers, but they aren’t available for all models and many are only a couple inches long, rather than extending the length of the barrel. It was important to pick a revolver for the build that had a rail we could use without too much modification.

The combo selected for the build is Ruger’s GP100 (more on the revolver coming soon) and Weigand Machine & Design’s Weig-a-tinny 6″ no drill scope mount.

Uncle Fudd's Space Cowboy Revolver

Uncle Fudd's Space Cowboy Revolver

Once the handguard and Picatinny rail were in place, Uncle Fudd turned to the optics. The Burris 2-7×32 long eye relief scope should give some good versatility to the build, and still add practicality and fun to the build. The second optical system Uncle Fudd added looks great and futuristic but isn’t totally necessary, but it can still add a bit of fun to the experience. Under the barrel of his shrouded GP100 is a laser rangefinder with a readout screen at the rear. The rangefinder is essentially aimed with the scope, but operated by the remote tape switch on the right side of the handguard. He then has to move the gun to see the range of what he just lased.

Uncle Fudd's Space Cowboy Revolver

Uncle Fudd's Space Cowboy Revolver

Uncle Fudd finished his build off by using Brownells Aluma-hyde Parkerizing Grey, and added a two-round quiver. I like seeing builds like these, whether they’re practical or not. Uncle Fudd’s Space Cowboy Revolver looks like it’d be a blast to shoot at the range and perhaps intrigue potential firearm owners. Many of the fellow Redditors said something to the effect of “I hate it, where can I get one.” Whether you love it or hate it, let Uncle Fudd know what you think in the comment section. You can also see a full build list and more photos over at his blog UncleFudd.com, which also branches off into a couple different aspects of the Space Cowboy Revolver. Thanks to Uncle Fudd for letting us share his build!

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