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POTD: Samopal USA - Sturmgewehr and vz. 58

Photo Of The Day: My own vz. 58 rifle in 7.62×39 mm is my “back to basics” rifle, and I intend to keep it in its original configuration forever. Most of the time it’s pretty hard to hit anything beyond 80-100 yards, but if you do things right, it’s pretty rewarding and you can reach out further away with the iron sights. Thanks to friends, I’ve handled a Sturmgewehr, but I’m pretty far from ever owning one. Here we can see two classic icons together, the Sturmgewehr and the vz. 58. The pictures are from Samopal USA, a company that provides Sa vz. 58 and Sa vz. 61 gunsmithing services. 

POTD: Samopal USA - Sturmgewehr and vz. 58

Sa vz. 58 rifle built on Tortort receiver using early 1960s beech wood furniture. A big thanks to Ben At Tortort for manufacturing these receivers!

We added selector markings, attached selector stop and refinished using our imported Czech Blue enamel paint. Just a beautiful rifle!

Is it as easy for you as it was for me to choose a favorite rifle between these two?

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